How Your EnerScore is Made

It's not about where you set your thermostat or what kind of light bulbs you have. It's about the house itself. We mix public record data – build date, size, style, fuel type – and our expertise in building science to interpret the building's story. A few examples:

  • Tudor style, 1930's: radiators often fitted into the exterior wall cavities losing as much as 30% of the radiant energy to the outside world

  • Bungalow, pre-War: finished staircase up to an unfinished and unheated attic, often with little air sealing and insulation

  • Mansard style, 1900's: typically leaks air heavily through the intersection of the attic story kneewall and the attic floor assembly

These sort of data go into EnerScore's algorithms to help estimate your home's energy performance.