Our Mission

EnerScore's mission is to promote homes that are more energy efficient, and to accelerate adoption of energy efficiency improvements in American homes.

Our Vision

Our vision is for every property listing to display prominently the home's EnerScore – from "A" to "F" – and show home buyers/renters how that home's energy performance stacks up against other houses in the neighborhood and town. We want people to make informed decisions based, in part, on the third largest home expense, energy bills.

Our Products

In addition to our from "A" to "F" rating, the EnerScore lets prospective homeowners know the home's expected annual energy costs for an average household in a particular area, based on local energy prices and environmental conditions. We offer the homeowner a seamless way to improve their EnerScore, when they request it, by connecting them to qualified contractors who can assess the building's energy performance and creating a path to energy efficiency improvements.

For real estate firms, our software makes it easy to integrate EnerScores into their websites, so they can provide more complete information to their clients, and give them a path toward lowering their energy bills.

For municipalities and researchers, we can model residential energy use in whole geographic areas to better understand residential energy use.