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Complaints about high gas prices are at an all time high, and when citizens see the bill for heating their homes, the complaints will grow even louder. An expansion of wind power energy and solar panel energy, in turn can free up natural gas that is currently used for generating electricity and make it available for home heating. With the available sunlight around the world, the United States is the Saudi Arabia of solar power energy. One form of alternative energy is solar thermal technology. It is cheaper and more efficient than photovoltaics. Photovoltaics harnesses the efficient phase change from water to steam. But solar thermal is emerging as the preferred alternative energy for technology reasons, to replace fossil fuels.


  • Solar energy

    Solar thermal power could allow utilities and other emerging operators to store steam energy for hours and hours, and super-heated steam can be used to drive turbines that generate electricity. Solar panels can be improved drastically by sun-tracking and solar thermal power collectors. If this process can be improved, solar electric panels will be on the rise in American and European homes.

  • Solar architecture

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